Universal Business Solutions

Court – it is a process which requires special knowledge and skills, successful completion of which mostly depends on how much strategy and tactics of “fighting” thought-out and how much skilled is Your representative. Services regarding representation of your interests in court includes:

  • Examination of information and documents provided by the Client, determination of his objectives as well as examination of case materials before the court;
  • Determination of the prospects of achieving Client’s goals, possible solutions to his problem, reality of execution of judicial act and other decisions taken by the Client;
  • Preparation and filing claim, opinion of the claim, other procedural documents (depending on Client’s problems);
  • Participation in sitting of the court before consideration of the claim in essence in each instance;
  • Appeal of decision of Arbitration Tribunal.

We prepare to settlement of commercial (economic) disputes of Clients arising in connection with:

  • recognition of property rights;
  • signing and execution of contracts for goods supply;
  • recovery of property from other’s illegal possession;
  • debt collection;
  • Execution of contractual obligations;
  • Performance of obligations under civil law contracts;
  • tax disputes (appeal of decisions of tax authorities);
  • Corporate disputes (invalidation of decision of the general meeting, decisions of executive bodies, etc.);
  • bankruptcy;
  • suspension of licenses, permits;
  • bringing to administrative responsibility;
  • Other issues of economic, tax and corporate law.

We also render service regarding legal review of cases ignored by the Client with the purpose of:

  • Determination of other grounds and (or) claims in order to achieve client’s goals in another legal process;
  • Decision of a question concerning execution of judicial act, resolved not in favor of the Client, on conditions acceptable for the Client (delay, installment of execution of court decision).