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STUDENTS –UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS” LLC invites students from prestigious universities who have a desire to deepen their practical skills in the field of law. In our organization, a student can get excellent practical experience that can be used in the future at work. The theoretical knowledge obtained at the University is not sufficient for the practical work. Theoretical knowledge should be applied and deepened in practice in order to master the subtleties of practical legal activity.

GRADUATES-“UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS” LLC invites graduates of prestigious universities for an internship, with the initiative of further employment. In our organization, graduates who have recently graduated from the University will be able to use their knowledge and skills acquired at the University, develop them, and get excellent work experience in one of the leading legal companies in the Republic of Armenia.

The duration of the internship can last from 1-3 months.

If the work is done properly and the intern makes a positive impression with his work, the intern will be hired.

PROFESSIONALS – “UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS” LLC invites highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of specialization. In our company, a professionals will have the opportunity to show their skills and knowledge.