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Legal Consulting

Pre-trial settlement of disputes – it is finding the way out of disputable situations arising between the parties, independently on the basis of the principles of consent, cooperation and mutual concessions.
As the practice has shown such method is the most optimal, because it is not associated with treatment to competent state institutions and does not lead to the use of coercion (at least, public). That’s why it can play primary role participation of the lawyer who is able to negotiate skillfully, to convince the contractor of incorrectness and sometimes of illegality of his actions, as well as to clarify their possible negative consequences.

For phisical entities

Appeal to legal advice considerably saves time, and what is not less important – nerves in solving difficult problems. For example, in the field of labor, housing, family and inheritance law, or protection of rights of consumers. The result of lawyer’s work will be:
response to arisen questions based on the norms of current legislation;
prediction of possible outcome of the situation.
For legal entities

From the moment of registration at every step companies face legal niceties, to understand which, in absence of professional education is almost impossible. Involving a lawyer you can receive exhaustive information on all matters arising in course of business of any company. Specifically:
Checking correspondence of concluded contracts to requirements of current legislation;
Drafting contractual documents;
Counseling on preparation, conclusion, changes, termination of contracts;
Advice on compliance with labor laws;
Consultations on the order of issue and circulation of securities, including on establishment and maintenance of register of shareholders in the sphere of company law and protection of the rights of shareholders;
Consultations on establishment, liquidation, reorganization and bankruptcy of enterprises;
Preparation of founding documents, as well as introduction of changes;
Development of internal local acts within the framework of labor and corporate law;
Reasonable predicting of outcome of judicial controversy;
Representation of interests in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.