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Legal examination of transactions

Conclusion of a contract, as a rule, is intended to guarantee achievement of desired result – gain profit, acquisition of goods, services.

Indispensable condition of effectiveness and conflictlessness of deal is ability to predict obstacles towards fulfillment of contractual obligations, which allows identifying and eliminating controversial points in advance, to reflect fully the process of counteragents’ relationships.

Due diligence of deals includes:

  • Legal analysis of Client’s deal;
  • Checking of formulation of subject of the contract;
  • Availability of strictly regulated mutual obligations of the parties;
  • Identification of possible risks and preparation of recommendations to reduce them;
  • Development of contract terms, taking into account Client’s interests;
  • Working out measures to ensure discharge of obligations in accordance with the specific of the subject of the contract and reasoning from its conditions;
  • Checking possible remedies for made or preparing deal on the basis of Russian legislation.

We shall also check legitimacy of the main contracts of the company with major suppliers/contractors, contracts associated with funding and other contracts, validity of which is critical for the Client.

Optimization of the contract and knowledge of prospects for protection of the deal will allow us, based on the accumulated judicial experience, not only more effectively to lead You to the desired result, but also to minimize Your money expenses.