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Today, more and more citizens and legal entities are turning to the settlement of disputes through “MEDIATION”.

Mediation is a universal way to settle a dispute without going to the court.

In our organization, you can use the services of mediation and choose to resolve the legal issues in the short period of time.

Mediation is performed exclusively by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of mediation.

Our company provides mediation services in the field of civil, labor, family relations, etc.


  • SAVING TIME-the parties going to court will be forced to resolve their dispute for 1-3 years or longer. During mediation, the parties can resolve their controversies within 1-3 days or even through a single conversation;
  • SAVING MONEY – resolving a problem through mediation is a great way to save money, because mediation services are not expensive, and when going to court, the party will have to pay a more impressive amount than during mediation.
  • A MORE CONVENIENT ENVIRONMENT FOR CONDUCTING A CONVERSATION-the parties cannot talk in the court as they want, they do it only with the consent of the lawyer/attorney and at the same time the situation in the courtroom is usually tense, but during mediation, thanks to the mediator, the parties can calmly resolve their problems and not be nervous.
  • EMOTIONAL BALANCE AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS OF THE MEDIATOR-the mediator is always ready for the emergence of a tense situation between the parties and for the immediate resolution of such a problem by talking with the use of professional skills.

When conducting mediation, our specialists are guided by the following principles:

  • voluntary nature of the parties;
  • equality of the parties;
  • the neutrality of the mediator;
  • impartiality of the mediator;
  • privacy.
  • If the dispute between the parties is resolved through mediation by a court decision, the amount of the state fee will be only 50% of the main amount of the state fee payable in court.

PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING MEDIATION SERVICES-to obtain mediation services, the parties of the conflict can contact us starting from 10:00 am to 19: 00 PM. If only one party applies for mediation services, our specialists can establish a connection with the other party to the conflict.