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Preparation Of Local Acts

Audit of personnel and managerial documents

Within the limits of present direction we will make legal audit of personnel and (or) managerial documentation of Client’s company.

Result of the audit within the limits of the task set by the client can be:

  • Recommendations regarding elimination of existing legal risks in personnel records of the Company.
  • Preparation of internal personnel and (or) managerial documentation of the company, worked out in accordance with individual requirements of Client’s company. 
  • Any of audit results will increase efficiency of managerial decisions, will reduce risk of conflicts with founders and will eliminate prospective labor disputes of employers with the company.

Preparation of local acts for Client’s company is possible both within the limits of audit of personnel and (or) managerial documentation, and within the limits of individual task.

We prepare individual documents, which reflect real business processes in Client’s company. Such documents can be:

In the framework of internal documentation on management:

  • Regulation on board of directors of the company;
  • Regulation on sole or collegial executive body (board, directorate, etc.);
  • Regulation on auditor (Audit Commission);
  • Regulation on supervisory board;
  • Regulation on use of constituent documents of the Company;
  • Regulations and procedures of concordance, signature and keeping of documentation;
  • Regulation on contract work;
  • Regulations on contracts approval;
  • Contracts with members of management bodies;
  • Contracts with senior officials of the company;
  • Documents regulating interaction of the main company with affiliated and dependent companies (business units);
  • Contracts on provision of paid services between corporate center of the holding and the business units;
  • Model documents of affiliated and dependent companies;
  • Other internal policies and regulations.

Within preparation of personnel documentation:

  • Employment contract in necessary variants, including with company executive;
  • Obligation on non-disclosure of confidential information;
  • Agreement on allocation of rights to the service works and inventions;
  • Contracts on material liability;
  • Pupillary contract;
  • Personnel schedule;
  • Provisions on structures of subdivisions;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Internal labor regulations;
  • Regulation on wages and awarding bonuses;
  • Regulation on disciplinary punishment;
  • Provisions on leave;
  • Regulation on protection of confidential information.

Regulation on protection of confidential information:

  • Obligation on non-disclosure of confidential information;
  • Employment contract with condition regarding protection of confidential information
  • Within provision of protection of the information