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Single Business window

“UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS” LLC is the only company in Armenia that entered into an agreement with the state body of the Register to provide Registry services in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, in accordance with the decision Of the Government of the Republic of Armenia dated December 10, 2013 N 1110-N.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of “UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS” LLC and the “Association of SME Accountants in the Republic of Armenia”, a B2B organization was created that provides Registry services. B2B completely replaces the state body of the Register and provides services of the Register’s service department efficiently and in a very short time. Besides, the consultation is free. In addition to providing registration services, the organization also provides services for setting up a company, tax consulting, etc.

The company has more than 35 branches operating in accordance with the B2B concept in Armenia.

The provision of Registry services by a non-governmental body in Armenia is unprecedented.


Registration services via B2B are provided in the following way:

“The client enters B2B in order to solve a problem/open a business/get answers to questions, and the specialists immediately perform everything that the client needs”

With the help of Universal Business Solutions Armenia, the “SINGLE BUSINESS WINDOW” platform offers the following products for the start-UPS and existing businesses:

  • Accounting for individual entrepreneurs,
  • Accounting for changes in the data of an individual entrepreneur,
  • Removal of an individual entrepreneur from the register,
  • Re-registration of an individual entrepreneur,
  • Establishment of a legal entity,
  • Re-domiciliation of a foreign legal entity,
  • Accounting for a branch of a legal entity,
  • Registration of a representative office of a legal entity,
  • Accounting for the establishment of a legal entity,
  • Change of the head of the Executive body,
  • Change of personal data of the head of the Executive body,
  • Change in equity participants and (or) shares,
  • Change in the authorized capital,
  • Change of a brand name,
  • Change of a legal address,
  • Change of participants’ personal data,
  • Change of other data in the Charter,
  • Merging of organizations,
  • Acquisition of organizations,
  • Division of organizations,
  • Reorganization of an organization,
  • Liquidation of an organization,
  • Provision of a uniform extract on confirming state registration.
  • Provision of uniform extract on confirming state registration.