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Tax Disputes

It is no coincidence that tax disputes are allocated separately. Because number of disputes in courts of arbitration between businessmen, companies, on the one hand and tax authorities on the other hand, is constantly growing.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon. In most cases it is illegality of IFTS decisions on bringing taxpayer to account. Significance of additional taxation amounts and penalty provisions make taxpayer to think about two important aspects. First, about verification of legality of IFTS decisions, and the second – about legitimate ways of reducing tax burden.

Active position of tax officers in implementation of the plan of additional taxation, backed up by proofs of taxpayers’ illegal activities today greatly differs from yesterday’s unprofessionalism of tax authorities and formal approach to drafting Act and decision.

Meanwhile, statistics of arbitration courts shows that companies’ claims are met in more than 70% cases of appeals against decisions of tax authorities.

However, for cancellation of IFTS decision is not enough to apply to arbitration. It is necessary to take competent legal position with which the court will agree. This means that protection of your interests should be in professionals’ hands.

“Universal Business Solutions” LLC is ready to protect your interests professionally:

Challenging decisions of tax authorities on bringing the company or individual entrepreneur to tax liability;
disputes regarding recovery of value added tax (VAT), profit tax (PT), the unified social tax (UST), income tax for individuals (PIT), as well as penalties and fines;
recognizing actions of tax authorities illegal;
Challenging omission of tax authorities expressed in evasion to refund overpaid amounts of taxes.